20 June 2007

Adding Blue

This newest print is slow in developing. It's partly because of my impending move and the packing that we've started doing, but it's also because of the process itself. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this print. I know that I want to introduce the four "characters" I developed earlier, and I know that I want this print to develop out of the previous two egg prints.

The earlier two egg prints were created using only yellow oxide, black and burnt sienna. In this step I decided to introduce a new color, pthalo blue:


After the paper has taken a lot of moisture, or if I know I won't be printing for a few days, I often let the paper dry out and then re-wet it so it will be uniformly damp. This cuts down on registration problems a lot.


Beth Zentzis said...

Hai! Good for you not to let life's other details impair your path, even if those details do get in the way of the pace some.

What an idea - letting the print dry if you won't be working on it for a few days, then re-wetting it (hehe) when you're ready to print again. I shouldda thought of that...

Cin said...

very much like this with the blue

can't wait to see your new space!

and, lol, I'd love to that bar chart! :)