02 August 2007

Woodblock Tips and Techniques


Just before I left my house ("moved" isn't quite the right word!), I bought this 1977 book that documents popular new techniques in Japanese woodblock printmaking from that era. It covers all sorts of methods, including collagraphy, various types of ink and methods of inking, and the reduction method. I just started reading it, but one of my favorite things so far is the startling revelation from the first two artists profiled that they don't use the Japanese toh (carving knife) for their precision cuts. Instead, they use a snap-off utility blade so they don't have to sharpen the knife. These are artists after my own heart.


Magic Cochin said...

Hope everything is working out with your new home.
Good tip about using a disposable utility knife - I've signed up to go to a woodcut workshop at the end of the month.


Annie B said...

Hi Celia,
Have a great workshop! I got so much help from the one I took. And thanks for the good wishes for my home saga. Things are progressing well.