30 January 2008

Reducing Mecca


Tonight I finished carving the next reduction for the print of Mecca, beginning the definition of the city streets and physical features.

Unfortunately, in some research I did while I was working on this carving I was shocked to discover that according to Arab law all non-Muslims are barred from visiting Mecca. I find this prohibition both baffling and sad. I have visited holy sites of religions other than the one I was born into and have found it to be a powerful experience, always contributing to my understanding and respect for other beliefs. This ban seems like a terrible missed opportunity for connection and goodwill. I go forward with this print anyway, in the spirit of my initial intention, but finding out about the ban has definitely become a mental/emotional hurdle for me. Interesting.


KJ said...

An incredible undertaking of beauty coupled with a mission of understanding... well, my interpretation anyway. And an adventure to watch!

The Grape Crusader said...

I just happened in from the baren forum, and that is a fantastic first state, all by itself.

Annie B said...

Thanks, grape crusader.

And thanks kj for understanding my intention. I feel your support.