01 January 2008

Take It With You


My meditation teacher often urges us to bring the teachings and practices into our daily lives, so I'm always looking for ways to pause and reflect in the midst of the busyness of everyday life. One place I've found since moving to my new house is a certain busy intersection where I always have to wait for a signal before I can cross the street. I use the time waiting to pause, take a few deep breaths, feel my feet on the earth and quietly observe whatever is going on in that moment. Then, when the signal changes, I practice taking that calm awareness with me as I begin to move again.

The day after New Year's is like that. It's like getting the walk signal after a nice pause and heading back into the downtown rush. So I wish for myself, and for you too, that your transition back to daily life is gentle and that you can keep with you in your heart some of the experiences of these past holidays to sustain you. Happy 2008.

This little woodblock print took just a day, such a nice contrast to the two-month-long Bethlehem project.



BZ said...

I like your print and the explanation behind it, Annie. The constant of focus or sustained self inside of both images comes through as the center dot is kept separate from all that changes around it, although it too changes to balance with the surroundings. Interesting. And interesting too because these are iconic, generic images that the self, as represented by the dot and the image at the same time, exists inside of. The more I look, the more I see.

Happy New Year to you!

Jinny Pearce said...

This is really a powerful image. I love how directly it goes to the matter-straight to the heart-it acts as a cross walk in itself. Stop. Where am I? In this case I read it as "Where is my heart-wait for it and then proceed," which I love.

Annie B said...

Thank you Beth and Jinny. I appreciate your thoughtful comments.