26 March 2008

Gathering In Richmond


Today is the big arrival day for the SGC Conference. The photo above is a shot of the check-in area at the VCU Fine Arts Building. I got in pretty early, so I dropped my bags off at the hotel and wandered around the VCU area to get my bearings. Of course one of the first things I did was to check out Gallery 5 where the Repressed III show is happening.


The building itself is a marvel. It's an old firehouse. The downstairs is where they have concerts and events, the upstairs is the gallery. Here are a couple of shots of the gallery:

Not sure who created the dimensional work in the center of the room. Might be Marwin Begaye. I especially like the parachutes above the "city."


My work looks small in the room, but they chose a good spot for it.

This evening there were receptions at the VCU Galleries. My favorite was seeing the Portfolios by SCG members, all various takes on the conference theme of digital media and printmaking. Here's a shot of prints from a portfolio called "Hardwired for Pattern."


Another portfolio I really liked was one in which each printmaker was asked to make two prints, one entirely digital and one entirely traditional, on the same theme. Click here to read descriptions of the various portfolios.

I met my friend Cindy Woods, sketch blogger extraordinaire, for dinner which was my favorite part of the whole day. We drew each other for dessert. Thanks Cindy and Ronda!

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Ronda said...

It was great seeing you, Annie! I hope the conference is fruitful.