28 March 2008

Thursday Night Gallery Highlights

Some gallery highlights from Thursday night receptions:

Dirk Hagner

At the Hartnett Biennial of American Prints at University of Richmond two subtle and elegant letterpress prints caught my eye and really touched me, one called "Luft" dealt with the atmosphere and the one above called "Bay of Pigs." The prints, by Dirk Hagner, are some of the least heavy-handed works about our environmental problems that I've ever seen. When I got back to the hotel I checked out Hagner's web site and discovered that he makes gorgeous woodcut portraits. Woodcut lovers, go have a look! His work is subtle and bold at the same time, a stunning combination.

Dave Bruner

The Glave Kocen Gallery was showing a woodcut artist named Dave Bruner who makes color reduction prints as well as black and white prints that he refers to as wood engravings. The prints appear realistic until you get closer and begin to see that Bruner uses all sorts of patterned marks to get his tonal values. See below for a closeup of the print above:

Dave Bruner

More gallery receptions tonight, including Gallery 5.


Diane Cutter said...

Thank you for sharing, Annie... That water is ingenious. Just beautiful!

TheGruche said...

Wow - thanks for the great coverage of the conference! Ill bet its almost an overload of really cool stuff to see. I've marked my calendar for next year in Chicago.

Annie B said...

Thanks for reading! My partner Lynn keeps asking me why I didn't buy that print!

Hey Gruche, I'd love to meet you next year in Chicago. I'm definitely going - I've had a great time in Richmond. Total overload, like you said. I'll be blogging for days afterward - can't keep up in real time.

Sue said...

The Dave Bruner print is amazing, as is his other work. I've never spent so much time willingly looking at a picture of a car engine!