26 August 2009

September Woodblock Workshop

Experiments in Woodblock Printing: the Japanese Method
September 26-27, 2009, at Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence, MA

Regular readers of this blog know that the Japanese method with its waterbased pigments, brushes and hand printing tends to produce softer and more painterly relief prints than western methods. This two-day workshop will focus on the printing aspect of the Japanese method of woodblock rather than the carving. Using just two or three very simple carved blocks, students will explore the great variety that can be achieved by varying the printing methods. The workshop is open to beginners as well as students who want to expand their relief printing practice.

Hope to see you there!


Oscar said...

I want to come! I want to come!

One of these days I will too!!--and have the great opportunity to receive some of your teaching face to face. (I have already learned so much, about printmaking AND about the art road, from your Woodblock Dreams!)

Have a great teaching experience, and remember to learn the most from your students.

Your ardent fan,

Annie B said...

Thank you so much, Oscar.

MaRegina said...

a pitty I'm so far away.
I would love to partcipate at your workshops...

Leslie Moore said...

Sounds tempting!