09 August 2009

Wrapping a Baren

One of the most daunting tasks I've faced as I've learned the intricacies of Japanese woodblock printmaking is re-wrapping a traditional baren when the bamboo covering wears out, which it inevitably does. Many of my moku hanga colleagues have expressed similar concern over this task and have looked for a resource for clear instruction. I've watched Matt Brown do it several times and he kindly re-wrapped my Murasaki baren this past spring when I assisted at his class at Snow Farm, but I still have felt daunted about doing it myself.

Moku hanga aficionados, worry no longer! Moku hanga artist Ryusei Okamoto has come to our rescue! Ryusei has added a page to his web site that shows complete step-by-step photographic instructions on wrapping a baren. Thank you, Ryusei san!


d. moll, l.ac. said...

I can't wait until I have to wrap again. I used the written directions from McClains and it actually worked out OK, except the handle is a bit big, but it does work.....The photos look quite helpful.

Frank Haili said...

You found a video here which explains how replacing the bamboo leaf covering the baren.


I think it could be quite helpful too.