04 December 2009

A Few Woodblock Links

I've seen some interesting articles and links this week. First, an exhibit that came down last week in Boston but can still be seen online, Making connections:Contemporary Cuban Printmaking featured work by 93 artists living in Cuba. Much of that work has been collected by Florence, MA, based studio Red Trillium Press. You can see samples, many of them woodcuts, here.

Another interesting article that popped up on my Google alerts was this one on a blog called "Curator" about a German woodcut artist named HAP Grieshaber (1909-1981). From the blog:

A woodcut artist who opposed militarism and war, [Grieshaber] spent years silenced for his pacifism. He lived and worked in England, France, and Greece before the war, but got deported back to Germany because of his pacifism. In Germany, after 1933, he was only able to create art in secret. Grieshaber did manual labor and delivered newspapers to earn a living during WWII, but still continued to work on his woodcuts. It wasn’t until after the war and after Grieshaber was released from an American internment camp, when the country was desolate of artists and in desperate need of art, that anyone was interested in the work he was doing.

Grieshaber's works are powerful meditations on death and culpability.

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some real good stuff on your blog...good research and appetite for it
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