21 December 2009

Happy Solstice


While I'm working on these prints about the native Americans, I've set up a little display in my studio of various made-for-tourists Indian souvenirs that have come to me over the years. The dolls on the left are Navajo and were purchased by my grandmother in the 1930s. The rest of the items were purchased by me. The pottery is all from various Pueblos in New Mexico where I lived for three years, as is the carved snake. The black pots are from Santa Clara Pueblo, the little hanging pot is from Taos Pueblo, and the beautiful reddish clay pot that you see a partial view of on the right is from Nambe. The basket with lid is from the Great Lakes based Ojibwe nation, and the small Thunderbird basket woven around a bottle (it's a nip-sized liquor bottle) is from the Makah of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.

Happy Solstice, everyone.

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Very good work.
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