23 March 2011

Back to the Rivers

After about a month of work, I've finished the large commercial projects I had on my desk and have spent the past couple of days getting back into the new print I had started in February. First I printed the "rivers" block in a light blue.


Remember the knots that were in the board? Happily, I didn't have any problems printing because of them. But it turns out that McClain's found so many knots in their last batch of shina that they've run out of large boards and won't have a new shipment until next month. So I guess my decision to make this print using just one board was the only choice I really had!

Next, since I'm using just one block, I needed to get rid of the rivers so I carved them away.


Then I printed a yellowish brown tone on the background.


More to come...


Ellen Shipley said...

This is such an impressive project!

Sharri said...

Terrific project. Watch out for those Western rivers, though - they can be very deceiving. Good for a really wet and wild ride! We are going to do some river rafting this summer on the river in Glacier Park.
If you need any photos of this excursion for source material just let me know. I'm sure someone will capture the old lady screaming and hanging onto the 6 yr. old for security ;-)