24 March 2011

Speaking at Sunderland Public Library


The Sunderland Public Library in Sunderland MA has a program they call "On the Same Page," which is a community-wide book reading and discussion series that also includes some author talks from time to time. The book they've been reading lately is Nathaniel Philbrick's Mayflower, a book that I referenced a great deal in my background reading for We Are Pilgrims. I was delighted when the library invited me to come and speak about how the book influenced my series of prints. If you're in the area, please join me!

Wednesday, March 30
Sunderland Public Library
20 School Street
Sunderland, MA


Elizabeth Busey said...

Good luck on your presentation this evening. I know your audience will appreciate the thoughtful, personal approach you take with all of your prints.

Annie B said...

Thanks so much Elizabeth. Of course I'm having some pre-public-speaking jitters, but I'm looking forward to tonight. It's nice to receive your good wishes.