08 May 2011

Workshop Photos

Here are a few photos from the moku hanga workshop I taught this past weekend at Zea Mays Printmaking. It was a beautiful weekend and a great group of participants.


We used registration boards (above) from McClain's rather than cutting kentos for every block. This allowed us to use the full face of the 4 x 6 blocks for image area and eliminated the need to work on mastering kento cutting in an already compressed time frame. Even in the short time we had (two 7-hour days), the participants made some lovely prints.

Susan used just 3 block and some selective inking to compose this image of her sister's cat.

Angela used the transparency of the pigments to great advantage, overprinting primary colors to achieve a full spectrum rainbow.

Elizabeth worked with several simple but graphic images that were amazingly strong and three-dimensional.

Dana created many variations with just a couple of simple blocks, taking a painterly approach that was like monoprinting with wood.

Delphine did a beautiful job translating a watercolor sketch she brought into a woodblock print.

Pierre created this appealing lighthouse image from a simple pencil sketch, using overprinting to create some secondary colors.

K. devoted herself to exploring all of the variables of printing -- paste, water, baren pressure, ink transparency -- and created many variations from her set of four abstract but related blocks.

Flemming managed some complex carving in the short time frame and made several variations of this lively hummingbird design.

Leslie tackled the difficult task of simplifying a photograph for woodblock and created this image of a child at the water's edge. (My apologies for not noticing that the photo was blurry when I shot it.)

Such a great weekend. Thanks everyone!


Sharri said...

Great work! We have several new hanga printers working their way into the fold.

584a8240-7b6a-11e0-9f15-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Annie, thank you (and intern Melissa) so much for the fabulous moku hanga class this past weekend. It was indeed a really great group of people, and such a calm and productive atmosphere to work in. I don't know where the time went!

And it was a great pleasure to see your personal work up close, in the flesh, so to speak. In the paper?

I feel I've gotten an excellent running start to pursuing some moku hanga on my own. At the very least I am eager to go in a clean up some of the many stray marks in my print!

Thanks again.


slightlywonky said...

Thanks for a superb class, Annie! I've already ordered my maru bake, and am awaiting it's arrival!

Thank you,