16 October 2012

Homemade Artist Residency Day 2

Early this morning I added a little bit of yellow to the "stones." I left two of the six prints just like this, because I liked it.


Then I stopped and went to an appointment with my doctor, came back and did this to four of the prints.


I think I'll call it "biology."

Just a note/reminder: my intention is not to make great art here. My intention is to play and enjoy and be with whatever I'm experiencing. This is a sketch of how I felt about my visit to my doctor's office.


Elizabeth Busey said...


I'm watching your at home artist residency with great interest. I sometimes find it hard to make time to explore when the twin voices of marketing and "the next work" are so demanding.

Today's "biology" struck a chord with me as well.


Annie B said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. I don't experiment or explore all that much either, usually only in the context of working on "an artwork" in which I want to achieve a certain effect. I'm trying to allow myself to move away from content and more towards pure process for the next couple of weeks. Thanks for following along.

Janis Doucette said...

I really like what's happening here! The looseness is so appealing.