18 October 2012

Homemade Artist Residency Day 4


Today was a discouraging day at the residency. In retrospect I feel like I took things too far. First I added some red to the print I made yesterday. Not bad, although there was something about the simplicity of the piece before the red that was awfully nice. I kept two impressions just like this.

Then I tried an experiment with the other four impressions to see if I could add intaglio linework just using a piece of wood and a baren. Not very pretty, although it is intaglio.


Disappointing, but I can't learn new things without trying new things, so there you go. Today's residency is over, tonight I'll be working on some client work, and tomorrow I'll face a fresh piece of wood.


Sharri said...

Just like life, huh? How else would we learn all the things not to do?

betsy best-spadaro said...

Hi Annie, I can so relate to taking things too far...I feel as though all the work I've done this year has contained an element of that. But it IS one way to learn. I try to remember something I read in Anne Lamont's book, Bird by Bird; something about allowing yourself to make mistakes, (although she used a scatological term. The more 'mistakes' you make, the closer you get to the good stuff. Keep at it! Hooray for you and your homemade artist residency!

Annie B said...

It's true about allowing oneself to make some bad art in order to learn how to make good art. But maybe I shouldn't blog about it so brazenly :)