23 January 2007

The Attack


I want just a little bit of color under the plastic-plate intaglio drawings of the soldiers, so I did these colors carefully with a little watercolor brush, playing with the method I've read about that white line printmakers use. These colors may be too weak, in fact, but I won't know for sure until I see how the plastic plates print. I can always go back in and heavy up these colors more afterwards.


I also experimented with trying to make the helicopters look "colored in." I put some glycerine in the gray ink to help keep it wet longer and used the end of a pen as a burnishing device. Here's a closeup of that texture. Not quite what I envisioned, but it is different than if I had simply used the baren to take the impression. I wasn't able to get the same effect on the soldiers and horses, probably because they're too small.


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