08 November 2007

Map Lovers Unite (In Chicago!)


Knowing of my love for maps, a friend from Baren Forum, Sharen Linder, recently alerted me to The Festival of Maps Chicago, a city-wide celebration of maps that will be going on for the next couple of months. The Field Museum is having a huge show of maps titled Maps: Finding Our Place in the World which explores the history of wayfinding across time, space, and cultures.

Other participating institutions include The Adler Planetarium (Mapping the Universe) and The Chicago Botanic Garden (Rare Maps: Journeys of Plant Explorers), among many others.

I think a trip to Chicago is in order!

print by Sharen Linder: phone book map in chine colle under an etching


Ellen Shipley said...

Oh I love the Field Museum! I'm so jealous. Makes me all nostalgic for Chicago. ;-]

Sharri said...

Have I asked you this before? Since you are such a map fan, you might be interested in my daughter's book, "Mapping a Changing World" by Yvette LaPierre. It is a book for young adults, but it seems to me it is appropriate for anyone and makes a nice coffee table book. How's that for a commercial? Support your kids and they will support you when you're old and feeble, I hope! :-)