22 July 2010

Show at the Loo Gallery(s)

If you've noticed that my blog has been very quiet these past ten days or so, it's because I've been furiously framing prints. More on that later, but I wanted to let you know about the show I've been framing for, a show in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts at "The Loo Gallery."

Yes, "Loo" means what you're thinking. My work, specifically my Pilgrim prints, will be hanging in a bathroom! Actually, not just one bathroom, but two bathrooms -- the Dreamaway Lodge in Becket and Ferrin Gallery in Pittsfield.

It's a smart idea, really. Hanging art in bathrooms means that any place -- a restaurant, an inn -- can become a gallery. A very intimate gallery. I've been to 3 shows now at the Dreamaway Lodge Loo Gallery and they've been fabulous.

I'm convinced that anything at The Dreamaway Lodge would be fabulous, though. Last weekend the Dreamaway got some press from the New York Times and here's what they said:

But the must-try culinary experience near Jacob’s Pillow is at the storied Dream Away Lodge, a restaurant, bar and music spot tucked in the woods of Becket. Visitors are welcomed by a bonfire, the warm neon glow of a Coors Light sign (though the cocktails are the thing to order) and fabulously idiosyncratic d├ęcor: chicly mismatched table settings, eclectic art and indefinable knickknacks. I enjoyed fresh strawberries and cream on a tray and a tart gin concoction while listening to the folk singer-songwriter Gretchen Witt.

“It’s been described as Brigadoon,” said Daniel Osman, a former actor who has run the Dream Away since 1997, and who seems to know pretty much everyone — many of them artists — who walks in the door. GPS devices don’t even know how to find the lodge, as its Web site cautions. But Amy Loveless’s sophisticated menu would be at home in Manhattan.

If you're in the area, I hope you'll come to the Dreamaway Lodge for the opening of the Pilgrims show and a dinner themed around the art by Chef Amy. I can't wait!


Carol Chapel said...

Why do you have to be so far away?
I wish the best.

Daniel L. Dew said...

Good luck in the Loo! :-)

kit said...

Great idea for a gallery - wish I could see the show. Have a great one, Annie!

Ellen Shipley said...

What a great venue for art. And everybody has to go to the loo! (tho what do they do about the ladies' and gents'-- separate art? unisex?)