25 October 2010

More from Seattle

Floor in the Seattle Public Library
Wanted to let you know that you can visit the Cullom Gallery blog to see some more photos from the "We Are Pilgrims" opening and the demo the next day.

It was great to meet some new people as well as some folks I've known for several years but only online. I got to meet Viza Arlington, who has been making some great white line woodcuts, and Brian Lane, the Seattle half of the famous Print Zero duo.

Thanks for coming out, everyone! The show is up through November 27 if you're heading to Seattle for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I love water.


Franklin said...

Meanwhile, we were in Northampton yesterday for a couple of hours on the way back from the Berkshires. Congratulations on the show! Best wishes to you.

Ellen Shipley said...

Wow, is that really the floor?! Kewl.

So glad your Pilgrims are travelling so well. ;-]

Vizart said...

What a wonderful show! I am so happy I was able to attend and meet you and Lynn in person. Your prints are even more beautiful in real life and to see the whole group hung together wow what a treat!

Annie B said...

Hi Franklin. I hope you'll look me up next time you're in town! -ab

Anonymous said...

I want that floor! How fab!
Well done with the show, wish I could have come. :-)