12 June 2012

Mixed Feelings #4 - Burn


Japanese-method woodblock (moku hanga) with transfer drawing
Image size: 10.25" x 17" (26 x 43 cm)
Paper size: 12.5" x 19" (63.5 x 98 cm)
Paper: Shikoku White Edition: 10

If you listen to how we speak, it's clear that money is hot stuff. This is the fourth print in a series that examines cliches we have about money that use the same metaphor for both wealth and poverty.


starkeyart said...

Love the way this glows, Annie. Great series.

Renee A. Ugrin said...

Another great combination of quotes! It's kind of interesting too that the word 'burn' is used as a criticism or a disparaging remark -- words, words, so intriguing! Love the burning/glowing holes in the pocket!