28 December 2012

Some Progress Between Holidays


I squeezed in a little more studio time during this week between Christmas and the new year. Managed to print the two characters’ hair, the pastor’s tie, and the boy’s sweater-vest.

I also carved the text that will be included on this print -- written in my best childish scrawl. Next week I'll finish the print by printing black. I'm going to try mixing a chromatic black rather than using straight sumi ink. I find that the sumi offsets when used on large areas like the pastor’s suit. Plus, a chromatic black is a little bit “softer” than a true black.



betsy best-spadaro said...

hi Annie, (catching up on my blog reading today) I am curious about "chromatic black". What exactly is that?


Annie B said...

Hi Betsy,
Chromatic black is black made by mixing complementary colors (like green and red). I've always used sumi or a black like lamp black, but I've found them to be unforgiving and difficult, and sumi is oddly sticky. I liked mixing my own black. It was much more well behaved.

betsy best-spadaro said...

That's how I mix my black with oil based ink, but I never knew it had a name! I should like to try that with moku hanga; I found working with the sumi problematic as well. Thanks!