03 May 2015

Spring 2015 Moku Hanga Workshop

I just finished teaching a two-day moku hanga (Japanese style woodblock) workshop at Zea Mays Printmaking and I wanted to show you the great prints that my students were able to complete in just two days.

Joan did these acorn variations.
Carol made croissants.
Elly did some abstract blocks to mix and match.
Sandy took a similar approach with abstract blocks.
Evan printed a deep black, white on top of that, and then color over the white.
Sandy did a second set of blocks (3) to challenge herself to work with a tight registration and created this soft landscape.
Laura did a color version of a well-known black and white photograph of a couple sitting on a diving board.
Sarah did this print with an eye toward a future series of Aesop's Fables illustrations.
Vivien's blocks were versatile and allowed her to make several variations. This was her favorite.


Sherrie York said...

Wow! Wonderful work... congratulations to your students, and to their fantastic instructor. Looks like everyone had a great time.

jerelee said...

Kudos to you for getting your students to have finished prints in 2 days. I took a workshop fI r 4 days and Noone had anything finished.
Wonderful work

Elly PrestegÄrd said...

It was a great workshop, opening for individual approaches, as the pictures shows. Thanks a lot Annie.

Annie B said...

Thanks everyone. Elly, I'm so glad you enjoyed the workshop. Jerelee, moku hanga is a difficult medium, so I feel strongly that workshop participants need to have a successful experience. Otherwise they'll never try it again!

sew rachel! said...

They did a great job!