16 July 2015

A Wind Cave

This print is a riff on a 1767 definition of earthquakes that states, An earthquake… is caused by means of Wind that be enclosed within the Caves of the Earth and can  find no passage to break forth. So I decided to make a cave full of wind. And then I decided to have some fracking going on, because everyone these days is worried that earthquakes can be caused by fracking. Which makes sense to me. But so does the idea that wind gets trapped inside the earth and has nowhere to go.

Now I have a little more carving to do — an illustration I found at American Antiquarian Society in a small 1748 book called The History of the Holy Jesus. Check out the photo below for the full title and author attribution of said book.


Kalilama said...

"Composed on purpose..." as opposed to...?

Annie B said...

All I can conjecture is that the older English uses "on" the way we use "for" – composed for the purpose. Or else it means not composed accidentally, which is pretty weird. I wondered too if the author attribution, "a Lover of their precious Souls" instead of a name, was because the author was a woman. [More conjecture]