16 November 2017

Dumpster Fire

Watercolor woodblock (moku hanga)
11 x 17 inches (28 x 43 cm)
Made from 5 blocks, 11 hand-rubbed applications of color
Edition of 8 on Yukimi paper
Shapes derived from five video stills of a fire in a dumpster.

Dumpster fire. Because it is.

The challenge on this print was getting a dirty look. I had a few hair-raising moments getting to the end, so I don't have very many process photos, but here are three.


Unknown said...

Because it is, yes. But the wood grain is coming through the print, at least in your photos, lending a grace of sorts. It strikes me as maybe hopeful, an opening, certainly not as irony.

Annie B said...

Thanks Curt. I'm glad you don't perceive irony here. My intentions aren't to be cynical or ironic. Yes, the grain shows through on these prints. It's not easy to get shina grain to show, but I've been working on it in this series.