27 August 2006

Feeling Loopy

Carving, Day two:


Day three:



m.Lee said...

So you would say that those glasses are a good purchase? I am thinking about getting a pair and getting into some detail work.


Annie B said...

Hi Marissa. The glasses are great. I definitely wouldn't be able to carve this finely without some kind of magnification.

Diane Cutter said...

I'm loving these fine lines, Annie. Are you oiling your wood? What knives are you using?

Annie B said...

Hi Diane. No oil, other than the little bit of mineral oil I put on to make the paper of the sketch transparent. I'm using a toh to cut against the lines and a couple of small u-gouges for fine clearing. This is the tool set I use.

Cin said...

oh the contrast of the lines and what must be the slowest most careful carving, these photos make quite an impression on their own!