02 August 2006

Playing With Fire

Here's the rough sketch I'm working with for this print. Although the title will simply be "Postion 2," I've been mentally calling it "playing with fire." The circular forms are the types of shapes that are seen in pictures from bubble-chamber experiments, when atoms are split and subnuclear particles collide. Here's another carved block. I think that this print will require 5 blocks. The figure will of course have a pattern on his outfit like his colleagues. 



Kris Shanks said...

Funny that you're using tracks of sub-atomic particles in your image. I was just reading another artist's (Anna Conti) comments about the connections between physics and art. Looking forward to the progression of the print! Seems like this is being a very fertile series for you.

Paul M. Sark said...

Dear Annie B.,

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Glad you like it.

And btw, I think your woodcuts are really fabulous!

Paul M. Sark

Sharri L. said...

Have you read Art and Physics (I think that's the name) by Leonard Slain? I understand it is very good and it is on my list of must reads. I enjoyed his Alphabet and the Goddess very much. If you haven't read it yet, it is highly recommended by this reviewer :-)

Annie B said...

Kris and Sharri, thanks for the tips about art and physics. I guess I've stumbled onto something here! And Paul, thanks for stopping by.