25 August 2006

Afraid To Blow It

I want this next print, the "Air" print, to look, well, airy. I scribbled some wind and I like the scribbles so much that I want to try to carve them just like I drew them. (I said try!) Everything I've read says to do the close and careful cuts first and then the clearing, but too many times I've wrecked my carefully carved lines with overzealous clearing, so i did some clearing first: 

Now I'll get out my magic magnifying glasses and work on these lines. See you later, I'll be a while!


Hugo Sleestak said...

Annie, I tell you that I just dearly love this series of prints that you're doing. So much experimenting, and yet you usually come out smelling like a rose. I think my favorite in this series is the little tai chi guy riding the waves - I love, love, love that one. I've felt a real artistic drought recently - the job still taking its toll - and I envy your ability to just keep on trucking.

On the technical side of things, I generally find myself clearing out the large areas first as well, even though I imagine that's not exactly the traditional way of doing things.

Ellen Shipley said...

Oh I like this Annie. And I'm with you and Michael -- don't want to do all that careful work only to bull right thru it. Then I don't do a great deal of clearing away on my prints. I don't do hanga, so there aren't great areas of blank space.