02 July 2008

Slowly Building Color

I don't often use my plastic "disk baren", a non-traditional baren designed by the famous Japanese printmaker, Akira Kurosaki, as I most often want the strong pressure that I get from my ball bearing baren. The disk baren has tiny bumps on the surface that make an even but fairly light impression, especially when compared to the ball-bearing baren. But for this print I expect that there will be a lot of layers, so I want to build the color slowly. I've found myself preferring the disk baren for its light touch.

Here's the block and print that begins to define the outlines of buildings in present-day Nogales.




Magic Cochin said...

I find my palstic barren is nice for light textures. For more pressure it's the trusted wooden spoon!


Sharri said...

Annie, Does the plastic disc baren substitute for the traditional bamboo baren, or do you use one of those, too? And, if so - when and how?

Annie B said...

Hi Sharri,
I have a Murasaki traditional baren which I used exclusively for a long time. The bamboo cover has developed a tear and I'm embarrassed to admit that I've had trouble learning to recover it :\ I should probably drive up to New Hampshire and pay Matt Brown for a lesson...