30 August 2009

Title First

Maybe it's because I was an English major in college, or maybe it's because I've been an illustrator for so long that all I know how to do is draw in response to text, but I almost always start my prints with words. Often times the words change as I work through the prints, but the words are always there running alongside the images in my mind.

This next group of prints already has its words and working titles. Since I still have very few visuals to offer you, I'm going to offer you the list of 7 working titles that sit in my sketchbook alongside my very rough drawings for these prints. The risk I run here, of course, is that your own mental images will be so much better than whatever I come up with in response to these words. Nevertheless, here are the titles:

1. Vast Unpeopled Lands
2. One Little Two Little Three Little
3. Caleb and Joel Went to Harvard
4. The First Book
5. Wampum
6. Indigenous Species / Invasive Species
7. Another American Bible Story

The drawing above is the basic placement I've worked out for the "Vast Unpeopled Lands" print. I'm waiting for some really large shina from McClain's to arrive before I start in earnest on this one.


Ellen said...

Cool and beautiful. I can't wait to follow along. And thanks for the PBS Series recommendation.

Anita Thomhave Simonsen said...

i like the composition of the drawing....the movement in it....and it is so nice to know about the way you work....it is so obvious for one self but not for somebody else...and these issues is intersting for me....thanks...