04 November 2009

An Hour Here, An Hour There


Argh, I feel like I can't get anything done! I have such a backlog of prints I want to make and the day job is keeping me in front of the computer too much for my liking. I know, I'm going to like the income in a couple of months, but meanwhile I've been feeling frustrated.

So I've gone back to a habit I developed the last time I had a lot of commercial work, and that is to set aside a non-negotiable hour or two every day for studio work. That way I don't lose my momentum. Losing momentum is just about the scariest thing I experience as an artist. It feels dangerous, like if too long a time goes by I'll just never pick it up again.

So off I go, for today's hour and a half of carving.

Oh, and lots of commenters from my last post talked about the meditative quality of carving, especially compared to the intensity of printing. I completely agree. Even in little one-hour chunks, carving is deeply satisfying and relaxing and the time flies by.


d. moll, l.ac. said...

It all adds up ! :)

Zach VanDeHey said...

Love carving. Can't wait to see this print come alive