16 September 2014

Portfolios for Secret Codewords

Shortly after my workshop at Anderson Ranch I was feeling anxious to use my newly acquired bookmaking skills, so I made portfolio cases for five full sets of Secret Codewords of the NSA. I used manila file folders for that special touch of authenticity and created string tie closures like those used on inter-office envelopes.

I printed out a label for each folder and stamped them 'classified' for a finishing touch. These full sets will sell for $2000.


Kim Putnam said...

I've been looking into taking some workshops at Anderson Ranch, specifically bookmaking and printmaking, did you feel you got a lot out of the workshop? Would you recommend it? I like your idea on packaging your print series.

Annie B said...

I got a tremendous amount of both inspiration and practical skills form my week-long workshop. It probably depends on who's teaching, but I highly recommend the workshop I took with Karen Kunc. And Anderson Ranch is beautiful!