25 September 2014

Imitating Fabric

My house has been under construction for a number of weeks and, since I work in a home-based studio, my art making has been pretty severely disrupted. Today I waded back in a little bit and made some trompe l'oeil pink fabric with moku hanga and Nishinouchi washi.

The trick is to use lots of rice paste so the brush strokes show.


Andrew Stone said...

This is beautiful. Beats cutting two blocks with parallel lines.....are you going to make faux drapes with your faux fabric for your new living room?..
It's a great color, by the way. The beige Nishinouchi sometimes really helps mellow/warm some colors.

Annie B said...

It sure does beat trying to carve lines like that. Looks more natural, too, to let the brush strokes do the work. I agree completely about the Nishinouchi mellowing colors a bit.

Elizabeth Busey said...

I'm so envious of the brush strokes! Somehow roller marks just don't achieve such a subtle effect. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

It is amazing how disruptive things can be when you work at home. I gave up a great chunk of the week replacing a much beloved 14 year old minivan. Had to find something to haul my artwork!

Annie B said...

Elizabeth, that's funny because when I took that workshop in August with Karen Kunc I was all excited about roller marks!

Glad you got your van replaced, but yes, so disruptive.