17 August 2005

The Power of Tea - 4 More Impressions

Today I was able to print four more impressions:
1. the red teapot
2. an overprint of purple-red on the teapot
3. a light blue on the cup and teapot handle
4. the hands and stream of tea

It's hard to see on this scan, but the block I printed the hands from has a pretty strong woodgrain that shows up a bit. It's the same kind of wood as all the other blocks, shina plywood, but for some reason the grain comes through. I'm happy that it's the hands block; I think the grain works OK there.

Looking ahead, I think I may have to heavy up the blue background some more to make the "steam" work. We'll see.


Ellen Shipley said...

This is really coming along great. I love watching it develop. Thanx for posting the stages.

Cin said...

I agree, it is coming along beautifully, the colors are working so much better in this version, like this thus far very much!