23 June 2006

More On Blanche Lazzell

Lazzell Monongahela

I love Provincetown. What a great week I had there, including lots of fun looking at art. Provincetown has been an "artists colony" for over 100 years and the tradition is still going strong even though there is now a lot of gentrification going on in the town, threatening to price out a lot of locals and artists. My favorite stop in my art tour was the Julie Heller Gallery. Located in a small unassuming building that one could almost call a shack at the water's edge in the middle of town, visitors to the gallery are invited to look through piles of stacked paintings and prints at their leisure. The works are all by artists who have at one time or another been associated with Provincetown, and I gasped as I discovered woodcut after woodcut in the stacks, prints by Blanche Lazzell, Arthur Dow, Agnes Weinrich and Ethel Mars. Best of all was the moment when I unearthed one of Lazzell's original blocks. What a treat.

More Lazzell prints can be seen at this link from a previous exhibit at the Cleveland Art Museum.


Robert said...

Sounds like a great place...

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog, especially your thoughtful and interesting links to printmakers, such as your recent post about the Provincetown printmakers.

Annie B said...

Thank you, Deborah. I followed the link from your name to your website and I see that you do some very fine woodblock work yourself! Thanks for saying hello. AB