27 November 2006

Print Trade With Aaron Piziali


A couple of weeks ago Zea Mays Printmaking Studios hosted an open studio and I got to meet Aaron Piziali, an artist whose work I had noticed at an earlier exhibit in town. We exchanged contact info and decided to do a trade. I traded one of my "Everyone Everywhere Loves the Same Moon" prints for this combination woodblock and monotype print, "Hamasa #4."

Aaron says, "The print is called Hamsa, which is an important symbol and word in the middle eastern Region. It protects and brings peace. It predates Hebrew and Arabic, but is strongly rooted in the two. Many groups working for regional peace invoke it."

I love the flame-like quality of the hands and the colors. Thanks, Aaron.


Anonymous said...

How serendipitous that you have exchanged those particular prints! The world needs more Hamsa.
A novice printmaker,I am enjoying learning more about woodcuts through this site and some of the links.Thankyou.

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful print, Annie! How lucky for both of you. Isn't it amazing just how much sharing of work there is among printmakers. I always look forward to your blog... either I see your wonderful work or that of others. Thanks!