30 November 2006

Carving a Pig


For the past 5 years or so I've been making New Year's cards for my clients and friends instead of Christmas cards. This week I worked up a design for 2007, Year of the Pig, and today I started carving it. I plan to print somewhere between 125-150 of them, so I wanted the design to be simple. I'm hoping to get a 4-color effect with just two colors, taking advantage of overlapping translucent inks as well as the color of the paper. I'll show you some test prints next week.


Cin said...

like this idea for a card Annie and your design, my! the year of the dog has gone too quickly!

BZ said...

Breakthrough! Excellent idea. Having just endured the torture of another Christmas season in America, I think psychologically a New Years Card tradition could remove the dissonance some of us feel during that time, such as myself.

Your blog has provided a lot of support to me as I rev up to actually carve my first block in wood. Thank you so much, Annie!