27 February 2007

Letting It Rest

Thanks for all the comments on my "Melting" print. I think I'm going to experiment with adding one more layer, maybe some linework on the water, flow lines to add more of a sense of movement. I've also just started to carve a small companion piece for this, an 8" x 10" print of an iceberg. I'll show both as they progress, but for the next few days I need to focus on some paying illustration projects (much needed!) that have come my way.


Anonymous said...

I thought you might find this interesting: Cynthia Hathaway's melting figures in the entry for February 25 on http://torontocraftalert.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,
I recently discovered your website from barenforum, and I've REALLY enjoyed looking at your work. I just have 2 questions, and wasn't able to find an answer in your blog entries...What method do you use to get digital images of your prints? A scanner? They look great. Also, what type of wood do you typically work with?


Anonymous said...

Hi Annie -

I love seeing the process on this latest print. I think I'm going to try some stencil details soon. What thickness acetate sheets do you use?


Annie B said...

Dusty, I like Cynthia Hathaway's piece a lot. Thanks for noting it.

Hi Sara, Most of the pix I'm posting here are taken with a digital camera. Sometimes I scan a finished print, but only if it's smaller than 8.5 x 11 inches. I use shina plywood from McClain's (see blog sidebar for link to McClain's)

Jenn, I got a fairly heavy acetate -- it says ".005" on the packaging. Using Stencils is fun - enjoy!