08 February 2007

New Inspiration

I'm still looking at satellite images and still finding them awesome and amazing. Although satellite imagery has been in use for many years and has helped specialists do everything from predicting the weather to spying on neighboring countries, the sudden availability of satellite images to everyone and anyone on sites like GoogleMaps or maps.yahoo.com is surely changing how we see and think about our world. Of course there's a Big Brother side to this. On a personal level, I found my enthusiasm for this imagery suddenly dampened when one day I decided to look at my elderly mother's house on YahooMaps and I could see her white car parked in the driveway. Granted the data is not in real time, and nobody really cares whether or not my mother is home, but it was unsettling.

With this particular technology, though, my fascination definitely outweighs my fear. After reading about the Ward Ice Shelf, an Arctic ice shelf that recently broke into two pieces, I examined some satellite maps of Greenland. Unfortunately, imagery of the Ward Ice Shelf isn't available at high resolutions, but I found some images of large chunks of ice further down the coast from the site:


I'll be using these views as a starting point for a new print.


Beth Zentzis said...

Global warming is definitely a serious issue. It will be interesting to see how you interpret what is happening in Greenland in a print. Not too long ago I came across this article about global warming and its impact on individuals, something most people aren't actually aware of, but instead focus more on the abstract information.
Alaska Natives Left Out in the Cold.

Unless people are screaming, like say a jet flies into a building or a hurricane affects a large population, it seems that it's just very easy for the public to relax shortly after receiving the news, change the channel, eat some chips or whatever mainstream America does when there is a non-tangible problem. Giving this problem a visual "tag" so to speak, might be the ticket to helping people understand of the immediacy of the problem a bit better. One hopes.

MAGPRINTOriginalPrints said...

I really appreciate your committment to portray difficult subjects. But global issues aside, this visual starting point looks like it will make a spectacular print.

Anonymous said...

Hello Annie,
In one of life's serindipitous moments, I recently came across your blog. As a longtime intaglio printer who is now beginning my own adventure in relief, your blog is a wonderful suppliment to my explorations in the medium. Thank you for sharing your journey.
peggy koenig

Annie B said...

Thanks for the link, Beth. I wasn't aware that there are already people being displaced by warming. Magprints, nice to see you here! I'm hoping that the prints I make, even on difficult topics, are also somehow beautiful. This little planet of ours surely is beautiful. Nice to meet you, peggy. Happy printing!