18 September 2007

Work-Ready Rooms


Yesterday I spent all day, and I really mean ALL day, putting together this mission-style office furniture from Staples. This is my computer/illustration workspace, a smallish room (130 square feet) with a sloping ceiling and a little porch where the employees can go out to refresh themselves (see employee below).


Below is the setup in my second studio, the moku hanga room. This is just one wall in a large room (200 square feet) that has two windows, a large storage closet, and plenty of space to put up more tables when I want to work large.


Even with the two windows, the room is a bit dark because of the large trees outside, so I'm experimenting with lighting options. These lamps appeal to me because the shades diffuse the light, making it very even. Right now the bulbs are incandescent, but I'm going to try some compact fluorescent bulbs to see if I can get a less yellow light. Does anyone have lighting tips to share?


Anonymous said...

Hello Annie, It's nice to hear from you on your blog. I've been looking out for you.

The rooms look so nice. They look natural and simple, with a clean finish (not cluttered). It's good to see that your home is slowly coming together!


Pietrocelli said...

hello Annie,
thanks for nice looking rooms for creating new nice works, and its good to see other people in working area at home for comparing a styles of progress in art studios :-)
peter kocak

Rachel said...

I don't know much about lighting, but have you tried full-spectrum incandescant bulbs? The light produced by these is a bright white (almost blue in comparision to standard yellow bulbs, but not as blue as true florescant bulbs would be). You can find these in any home improvement store.

Andy English said...

This is looking great - I envy the space. Most visiting Americal printmakers admit that their bathroom is bigger than my studio!

As for lighting - I use so called "daylight" bulbs in lamps to flood my engraving desk.

Its good to see you settled in a space again - enjoy!

Sharri said...

I tried some of the full spectrum bulbs years ago and they were very expensive and lasted about three months. Since then I've been using a mix of cool and warm fluorescents, which seems to work quite well. Your space looks wonderful, and so neat and tidy! I am envious!

Annie B said...

Thanks for the lighting tips. I'll do some trials and see what works best for the space. As for the neat and clean look, I'm sure it will pass quickly!

Anonymous said...

Your employee looks a bit preoccupied or perhaps he is bored. You might try to spruce up the employee lounge with scrap leather or paper products that he can tear up. Oh, nice space too :)

mizu designs said...

i'm just too envious for words about that very big and very tidy moku hanga room.