18 January 2010

Back to the Bible


Not much to say here. I've resumed carving the first page of John Eliot's Bible. For a reminder about this print see an introductory post by clicking here.


Ray Hudson said...

Astonishing, Annie! I see from elsewhere on your site that you carve with a "To." Fantastic!
Ray Hudson

Annie B said...

Hi Ray,

I've actually started using a #2 X-acto blade for this-- thinner than my smallest "to."

Lana Lambert said...

*Whew!* is all I gotta say here. My hat's off to you, Annie!

Ellen Shipley said...

That's utterly amazing!

Sherrie York said...

Oh. My. I have a headache just imagining all that text. I'm not certain if I should applaud you, or call for aid. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Wow!! Annie, that is fantastic!