30 July 2011

Mokuhanga Show In Scotland

Opening today in Edinburgh Scotland is an exhibition curated by Scottish artist Elspeth Lamb RSA titled IN JAPAN, a large survey show of woodblock art from around the world. My print American Bible Story will be included along with work by approximately 45 other artists, including work by Helen Frankenthaler! The show will be up through September 18.

IN JAPAN: Highlights of Academicians' projects in contemporary Japan
30 July - 18 September, 2011
RSA Finlay & Projects Room
The Royal Scottish Academy
The Mound

Opening Times:
Admission Free
Mon-Sat 10-5pm
Sun 12-5pm


Rick Finn said...

Congratulations Annie! This looks like an excellent show.

Elspeth said...

The show looks very good and has received a lot of interest as people are fascinated by the technique. Many thanks to all who took part !

Andrew Stone said...

congrats, Annie, American Bible Story is a many-layered great piece and should be traveling the world.