06 November 2011

NY Print Fair 2011

I always love going to New York during Print Week, and I was happy to make it again this year. Here is just a taste of what I saw yesterday on my whirlwind tour. Most of the photos I took were of woodblock work, but I also snapped a few shots of other work that I enjoyed. Hope you enjoy it too.

My first stop was the Editions and Artists' Book Fair in Chelsea. I neglected to take photos there, but you can see a slideshow in this online article from Art in America to get a flavor of the event. The one shot I did take was the one here, Daniel Heyman's large 65-part etching called When Photographers Are Blinded, Eagles' Wings Are Clipped. I also enjoyed the work at Anchor Graphics. Check out their website to see their impressive roster of artists.

My second stop was IPCNY for New Prints 2011/Autumn. Of all the shows I saw, this was my favorite. IPCNY exhibitions always run the full range, from hugely famous artists to emerging artists and covering pretty much all the techniques available to printmakers. Here are some of the works I saw, focusing on woodcuts.

Trevor Banthorpe, color woodcut

Matthew Colaizzo, woodcut

Susan Goethel Campbell, woodblock and perforations

Alex Katz, moku hanga woodblock

S.V. Medaris, mounted woodcuts
I was also happy to see work by my cyber-friend Rick Finn on the wall at IPCNY. My photo was blurry, but you can see his winning "Buddha (mourning drape)" here.

I finished my day at the IFPDA Print Fair at the Armory. Here are a few photos, again focusing on woodblock prints.

These reduction woodcuts by Tom Hammick were some of my favorites at the fair. They struck me as both light and brooding, both simple and complex. They made me linger even though my eyes were tired, or perhaps because my eyes were tired.

These woodblock prints by Fang Lijun were astounding. They looked so much like ink paintings. Very beautiful and haunting.

I've recently gotten acquainted with artist Sarah Brayer, who lives and works in Japan, and I looked for her work at the fair. I found it at the always-jam-packed Verne Gallery booth where I was unable to take any good photos, but check out Sarah's web site to see her latest handmade paper works, some of which contain luminous pigments.

Thanks for reading!

xo Annie


Rick Finn said...

It's great to see close ups of some of the prints in the exhibition!
And I love the prints by Fang Lijun also, they're really beautiful.

Lance Dillie Graphic Designer said...

Very beautiful woodblock prints, I love the multiple colors you use, and from doing a few on my own I can relate to the time and effort you put into your process.

Nicole Geary said...

Thanks for sharing these photos! Sue Medaris is in the portfolio exchange that I'm currently organizing. I like these big pieces!

Kristina Hagman said...

Hi Annie, I can not travel much at the moment and you are so generous to share your experience with us. If you ever come to LA I would happily introduce you to printers and print shows.
Thank you again
Kristina Hagman

Annie B said...

Hi Kristina,
What a nice offer. I'll let you know if I ever head out your way. Hope all is well.