23 March 2012

Making Money


I've spent most of this week working on drawings for a new currency that I'm designing to go with my series of woodcuts about money. I'm not finished yet, but it's evolving into a paper currency without numerals. Instead of numbers its denominations (units the currency is issued in) are more like the “suits” in playing cards -- earth, air, fire and water. I'll need to print a lot of these, so I'm planning to use silk screen rather than woodcuts. I'll create just one master drawing for each of the bills, then scan the drawings and duplicate them in Photoshop to create files with 6 bills ganged up to shoot for each screen. I'll show you once I have them laid out and I'm ready to order the screens.

Then, while I'm waiting for the screens to be made, I'll return to the “Mixed Feelings” prints that I started earlier this month.


Victoria said...

What a wonderful idea, Annie. I hope the 'tender' will be available for . . . maybe . . . exchange? Best,

Annie B said...

Aren't the words fun? All exchanges will be welcome with this currency.