17 June 2009

A Day's Work


Here's the result of today's printing session. This is all from one block (the block in the upper left corner in the photo from yesterday) using four separate impressions. I'm aiming for an edition of 24.

Got some bad news this afternoon. An art director I've been working with for quite a while got laid off. She's the only client I have now that uses my illustrations consistently on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, we don't know if the magazine will keep using me or not. Ouch. The publishing industry is in deep trouble, or at least in deep transformation.


Lana Lambert said...

Oh, Geeyawd! Those colors look so awesome by themselves that I don't know what I'll do when I see the finished print! Sorry to hear about the lay offs. I just know you will prevail! Maybe you'll get famous and will be able to make a living off of woodblock print? *Sigh* That would be the ultimate dream would it not?

Annie B said...

Thanks Lana. That would definitely be a lovely thing, to be able to make a living with woodblock prints.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear about your client. Not good news at all. Keeping my fingers crossed that the mag still uses you, though.

Kim Rosen said...

Sad- I'm sorry to hear that Annie. I'm going to try and continue to stay positive. ugh.