18 June 2009

Small Experiment with White Line Method


Got a little more printed today. I printed the rainbow using the white line method -- cut thin lines to separate the 3 colors, then painted them on with small brushes and took the impression all at once.

I like the registration board so far. This is the second block and it's lining up very well with the first block. No slippage to contend with either. The blocks are staying nice and snug.


d. moll, l.ac. said...

How big is the rainbow? It looks little was it difficult? Looking pretty good here! Sorry about your contact being laid off, grrr.

mizu designs said...

Looking good! I'm a big fan of the thin white line method to break up colours and to put a bit of breathing space into a composition.

Annie B said...

Hi Diana, The overall print is about 11 x 14, so the rainbow is fairly small. Not too difficult, but I'm not a perfectionist. Actually, I thought I was a perfectionist until I started making moku hanga woodblock prints. That's when I met the *real* perfectionists, who make me look quite devil-may-care!

Kylie, you're right, the white lines add breathing space. I'm going to clog things back up with a keyblock overprint, though.

Carole Baker said...

Annie, Your blog is always so inspiring. I love this white line print.... looking pretty perfect so far to me.