15 August 2010

Photos From the Loo Show

The opening of my show of woodblock prints at The Loo Gallery at Dreamaway Lodge was wonderful. Here are a few photos.
The lovely and romantic Dreamaway Lodge
Me and Lynn in our party dresses
Prints on the wall in the Loo

Liz Chalfin, director of Zea Mays, and Daniel Osman, owner of the Dreamaway
Leslie Ferrin, owner of Ferrin Gallery

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Sherrie York said...

Such a great show, Annie.... and it looks like it was fabulous fun, too. Congratulations, I hope it's a huge success.

Rosemary Wessel said...

Wonderful work Annie! I've been hearing a lot about the Loo Galleries and this looks lovely.

Celia Hart said...

Your work looks great in the vintage frames - bet you managed to hang it all by yourself without the aid of a ladder and fishing line! (see my blog!)

And it looks as though the exhibition will be a huge and well deserved success.


lk said...

Is this the show that generated the frame hang up?
Looks great!
I'll always be here to give you permission!

Ellen Shipley said...

The frames really set off the work nicely. And they're larger than I thought they were. A great display.

Debra James Percival said...

Congratulations on the show. What a gorgeous setting. The framing looks great with your artwork. All the best!

Jane said...

Congratulations. Wish I was close enough to come see the exhibition.