29 August 2010

We Are Pilgrims: the Book!

I'm happy to announce that my "Pilgrim series" of woodblock prints is now available in book form! Printed on thick paper with a slight gloss finish and available in either hard or soft cover, We Are Pilgrims showcases all 15 woodblock prints from the series, which was created between November 2008 and July 2010.


As followers of this blog know, these 15 prints examine the lives of the first wave of colonists in North America and their interactions with the native peoples who already occupied the land. The book is 72 pages and includes short prose-poem text that weaves through the images, describing the stories that inform each print.


Click here to go to Blurb.com to see an online preview of the first chapter of the book (there are 3 chapters in all).

I look forward to hearing your feedback!


Linda said...

Annie, this is so, so nice!

Maria Pinto said...

really great
congrats and lots of success

Kit said...

What a great way to showcase your deep research on this topic, your beautiful prints, and your graphic design talents! Congratulations - wonderful job!

betsy best-spadaro said...

hi annie! i've enjoyed watching your pilgrim series progress over the years, in part because i too have a mayflower connection, but mostly because they are beautiful. congratulations on your book!

Katka said...

What a fantastic achievement Annie. Congratulations! The book looks truly stunning.