20 May 2016

Halftone Quartz Crystals

Watercolor woodblock print
13 x 13 inch image (33 x 33 cm) on 17 x 19 inch (43 x 48 cm) Shioji washi
edition: 8

This is the seventh and final print in a series of halftone prints and scrolls (coming soon) called Relics which explores the often unacknowledged but inescapable religious past that underlies our 21st century secularity.

Crystal healing is a quasi-scientific practice that employs stones and crystals to create an energy field designed to promote healing of the body and/or spirit. While a number of cultures have historically used gemstones in this way, crystal healing in our time is most often associated with so-called New Age spirituality.

Although it's likely that any healing created by crystals is a placebo effect, quartz crystals do in fact exhibit a unique quality called piezoelectricity — electricity resulting from applied mechanical pressure — and are used in oscillators and circuit elements. It's easy to see why some people believe that quartz crystals vibrate with energy. And, placebo or not, one must admit that a flawless quartz crystal is pretty mesmerizing.


Melody Knight Leary said...

This is an interesting series Annie and a unique way of cutting the block. The process creates an impressionistic effect when it comes to focusing on the image. They will be eye catching hung together.

I imagine you'll need to give your hand and eyes a rest after this project. Wonderful series, as usual.

Annie B said...

Thanks, Melody! You're right, my hands are a little crampy and calloused. I think I need to do something more painterly and less carving-dependent next.