25 October 2007

Prints from First State of Block


What you see here is four impressions from the block in its first state. I plan to study it for another day or two, just to be sure I'm satisfied with things at this stage, and then I'll cut the block some more for a second round of printing. Once I cut into the block again there's no going back!

This Bethlehem print, part of "Love Songs for a Small Planet," is the first in a trio of prints - Bethlehem (birthplace of Jesus), Mecca (birthplace of Mohammed) and Lumbini (birthplace of Buddha). Yesterday I ran across a serendipitous news report about Condoleeza Rice visiting Bethlehem. Here's a screenshot of a portion of the article (the part with pictures, of course). Click image for larger view:


Beth Zentzis said...

You've piqued my curiosity yet again, Annie. My sons and I (okay mostly I) enjoyed the CNN special called "God's Warriors." You can still view it in segments on their website, and after a while the message I distilled was confirmation of the destructiveness of these organized religions' absolute dogma.

I love the appearance of the four passes. The color blending/texture is very rich, and in others' prints I've seen this but never knew how it was achieved. Very cool that you're sharing it.

insatsuya said...

nice looks it now the Betlehem, I just wonder that :"...-I ran across..." -seems like- IRAN :-)) just joke, wish you good improve in carving, am curiousfor next stage woodcuting, thanks,

keng said...

Ok. Here's a dumb question: where are the kento notches on the photo? Do you crop the photo to hide them or am I simply missing something?

Registration is the biggest problem that I have yet to over come regarding woodblock printing. I've had a few suggestions from friends, but I haven't had satisfactory results thus far...


Beth Zentzis said...

I forgot to say how amazing the dimension is looking. The appearance of that long rectangle alone adds power. Good job.

Annie B said...

Hi Beth,
I had wanted to see that show ("God's Warriors") but was in the middle of moving at the time. Thanks for the tip about going to the CNN web site.

Ken, I did indeed crop out the edges of the paper. I can only post an image that's about 380 pixels wide on this blog, so I tend to do tight crops on my photos. I'll leave the edges in the next photo so you can see the notch cuts in the paper.