16 October 2007

Islands of White


I still have a couple of hours of carving to do on this block. All the little dots make me think of the Aleutian Islands, which I've drawn a few times in my illustration career. Lynn says that if we ever visit Alaska she expects me to spend the whole time moaning about how hard that coastline is to draw. I do always complain about it, but now I know that carving it would be even worse. Why do I make these incredibly tedious projects for myself?!

Anyway, this will be the first step in my reduction print. It will print as little white dots in a field of pale blue.


Anonymous said...

In some other altered hanga world, I could imagine you iceskating with really sharp sharp skates like exacto knives that would cut away the ice along the coast somewhere (in Hanga World). A big hand would drop from the sky with a giant piece of hanshi and you'd get to use the colors of the sunset or sunrise as your bokashi.

Nicole from Turtleland

Pietrocelli said...

yes it seems looks as a islands in northpole ice sea, just so nice is to see those caves in sea like inverted islands and it is the essence of woodblock engraving/this silence with voices of wood and chissels, like a skating on ice... :-]

Anita Thomhave Simonsen said...

I´m very impressed and think your woodprints are very good and it´s interesting to see what you are doing, both your blog and on Flickr, where I saw your things in the first place... I will be back and see some more..

Anita from Randers in Denmark
my blog: http://paperbowls.blogspot.com

Celia Hart said...

Your comment about drawing coastlines made me smile - you get to know all the little fiddly bits and little coves and island take on a new significance. What was once just a line on another map becomes very special after you've walked along the shore! I was working on a world map the day before my first date with my OH - I was so excited I painted Canada sea blue by mistake! (and as it wasn't digital I had to start over again).


Annie B said...

Nicole, you just made my Hanga World day with that image! Beautiful! You, too, pietrocelli -- your description of the silence of the wood is so right.
Anita, nice to meet you. Thanks for your kind words.
And Celia, you know just what I'm talking about, don't you -- the little fiddly bits! And the sensation of "walking along the shore" with the pen; I love that feeling.

Rachel said...

This is gonna look good! You're an experienced printmaker, and even though this is a BIG project, you've kept it simple. Smart!

In my second semester of printmaking, I decided to do a reduction print (in lino) using no less than 8 colors. Needless to say, I overreached and the editions came out horribly. LOL. I needed more experience, a better registration system, and another month researching my color choices (the end result came out gaudy and tacky).

I'm so looking forward to seeing your final print!